Welcome to The Bakken Group

The Bakken Group Inc. is a diversified oil area service and real estate development company. There are several segments to its business model. These include real estate development, trucking, gravel and concrete sales, septic and porta potty service, water distribution, and housing rentals. It was formed by several successful serial entrepreneurs, who combined have over 100 years of experience running high growth businesses. Its primary area of focus is servicing the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota and Eastern Montana. The company mission is to operate a comprehensive service company with a focus on operational excellence and client satisfaction. The primary goal is to become one of the most successful service companies in the North Dakota/Montana region. Their experience is unparalleled and they have the necessary tools to run any business in any environment. The fact they have chosen to be involved in potentially the biggest oil boom in North American History bodes well for their future success. The demand for gravel, water, trucking, septic services, and housing in North Dakota is only going to increase as oil production continues to ramp up.